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Copper or Cu is trace mineral that is found in all the tissues of the body. It helps to build hemoglobin and red blood cells by making it easy for the body to absorb iron. It is found in many enzymes that both build and break down body tissue and is also necessary for metabolizing protein and wound healing. Along with vitamin C, copper helps the body synthesize elastin, which is a springy layer of protein beneath the layers of skin. Copper is also necessary for the building and maintenance of bone as well as RNA production. 

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    Solgar Chelated Copper 100 Tablets NZ

    Solgar Chelated Copper 100 Tablets

    Solgar Chelated Copper Chelated Copper is an essential trace mineral and helps support growth of the body, efficient utilisation of iron, proper enzymatic reactions, as well as the health of connective tissues like skin, bone, cartilage, and tendons...

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