Additional uses for Youngevity plant derived minerals

Additional uses for Youngevity plant derived minerals

Posted by Youngevity on 21st May 2018


*Add to the manicure water to strengthen and whiten nails


Plant Derived Minerals are an astringent.

*Spray the regular Plant Derived Minerals onto the face and body to tone and tighten (Cheri-mins would be sticky!)

*Swollen ankles and legs--soak paper towels in minerals then wrap the swollen area. Cover with plastic wrap and an ace bandage to keep it in place. Testimony by Brandy Brogdon: did this for her brother's swollen ankles. In 20 minutes the swelling was down considerably and the paper towels were dry where his body had drawn the minerals right in through the skin! The next morning, the swelling was completely gone away!

*Swollen feet: add 2-3 ounces into a foot soak to re-energize tired feet.

*Pedicure: take your minerals and have the technician add 2-3 ounces into the water to re- energize the body and feet through the soles of your feet.

*Skin tags, moles and warts: soak a piece of cotton with minerals and place on the skin tag, mole or wart then cover with a bandage. Change 2-3 times a day. Ray Rorie had skin tags and moles dry up and fall of in two days.

*Add to homemade soaps, lotions and shampoos. In 26 seconds, the body absorbs what we put on it straight into the bloodstream.


Take a swig of minerals to rid yourself of cravings for sweets, cigarettes, alcohol and addictions.(one ounce per 100#'s of body weight)

Vaginal Tumor Testimony: Dr Wallach and Brandy Brogdon shared the testimony of a lady in Utah that wanted to conceive, but vaginal tumors prevented conception. Dr Wallach suggested she use the Plant Derived Minerals as a douche. The tumors dried up and fell out! The lady and her husband have 7 or 8 children! (the exact number slipped my mind!)


*Soak paper towels in the Plant Derived Minerals and apply to areas that you want to lose inches. Wrap with plastic cling wrap and cover with an ace bandage to hold them into place. Works as well as the expensive body wraps!


*Cooking—add to the foods you cook.

*Canning—add to the foods being canned.

*Drinking water for the family.

*Drinking water for dogs, cats, birds, sheep, cows, pigs, horses and other pets and farm animals. They LOVE it! Example: A chunk of the raw minerals was put into one of two buckets of water at a kennel. The dogs drank only from the water that contained the minerals.

*Farm animals will produce more at a higher quality.

CONSTIPATION—drink 3-4 ounces for a quick release, you can also put minerals into your navel to aid in regulating constipation. The minerals will absorb quickly through the skin. This is one instance that 'more' is NOT better.

*Add a couple of drops into the navel and let it absorb to aid in relief of constipation.

*Stomach Flu—use minerals and Rebound

*Fish Tanks for better fish health


Plants do not make minerals, minerals are absorbed from the soil. Add the minerals and grow healthier plants that will have higher yields of produce.