What empty capsule is right for you?

Posted by Vita Health on 21st Jul 2020

With the many capsule sizes available, can sometimes prove difficult as to which one best suits your needs. For most applications, a size 0 or size 00 will be sufficient and are the most popular. How fine the powder is or its density does play a part in working out what you need so keep that in mind. Majority of powders our customers use are standard density to that like turmeric for example.

Filling Capsules with Oils
Many of our customers like to fill the capsules with oils. Our capsules are fine to hold oils without leaking provided they are naturally derived oils. We don’t offer a guarantee that they will not leak based on the fact we have no control over the ingredients of the oils customers are choosing to put into their capsules.

Below is an estimate only of what to expect each capsule to hold in weight based on approximately 0.6 - O.8 g/ml

Size 000     900     1.37     26.1
Size 00     700     0.90     23.4
Size 0     500     0.68     21.6
Size 1     300     0.48     19.4
Size 2     250     0.36     17.6
Size 3     200     0.27     15.7
Size 4     150     0.20     14.3

There are many ways to figure out what is right for you and if you need further assistance in choosing the right capsule don’t hesitate to contact us and we can assist you.

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