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    Nature's Way Kelp 660mg NZ

    Nature's Way Kelp 660mg

    Nature's Way Kelp 660mg Sea harvested and high in minerals especially iodine for support of thyroid function - Kelp is a nutritional seaweed. This species of kelp grows in coastal ocean waters from 1 to 10 feet deep with the tide.   Nature's Way...

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    Spirulina Extract

    Spirulina Extract Supplement 60 Capsule Spirulina refers to the dried biomass of Arthrospira platensis a type of non toxic cyanobacteria, commonly known as Blue Green Algae. They grow naturally in the sea and in lakes with warm temperatures and...

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    Wheat grass Extract NZ

    Wheat Grass Super-Food Extract

    Wheat grass Super-Food Extract Wheat grass is the young grass grown when sprouting common wheat seeds, its been part of traditional herbal medicine for many years, and is considered a super-food. The history of the plants medicinal use can be traced...

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